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About Us

Who We are ?

As Turkish rug House we started our business in 1970’s in Istanbul. We move our 40 years history and experience to online. As our experience we believe if you start to do something first you have to believe with all your heart and second you have to have love other wise it will leave you in the middle of your journey. We believed with all our heart thats why gave our 40 year past to this job.

21 Century of course brought lots of changes in our life and one of the most excited is technology and we believe now all our experience carried to online also to all our clients and future clients.

What We Do

We provide all kinds of hand woven art products. We have the most exquisite handmade products of handmade kilims, handknotted rugs, antique rugs, vintage rugs, overdyed carpets, comtemporary rugs, modern rugs and all types kilim cushions pilllows and furniture for all interior use.ts to our customers. We have an office in Atlanta and London

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